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Dawn at Dong Fu

Soft pastel on paper


46 x 34cm

I have always found great pleasure in the captivating glow of a sunrise or sunset, so with light and colour being integral to my work, it seems natural to be drawn towards the challenge of capturing them in a drawing. How the pale yellowish bleeds into the blue sky becoming lighter or darker, the colours which are caught by clouds, the clouds themselves. It is difficult to achieve the look; fluffiness, lightness and shape, of a cloud as it is difficult to get the colours accurate in the low light of dawn and dusk, however to further grow my craft in more areas and skills I wanted to practice these elements.

This is a scene from the window of the artist residency I attended in China, and was a gift for my wonderful hosts. I chose it for the clouds, the way they clustered low in the sky then moved outwards opening up into the blue.

Not available.

In a private collection in China.